Muskoka Collective - COVID Vaccination Policy

Muskoka Collective is committed to protecting employees and members from hazards in the workplace, including infectious and vaccine preventable diseases.

Beginning Wednesday September 22, 2021, Muskoka Collective will require all employees, members, guests and visitors who are medically able to provide proof of vaccination prior to entering the Muskoka Collective premises or comply with the below exemptions.  Once proof of vaccination status is successfully provided, you are exempt from rapid testing at the door and further vaccination screening. 

Required Documents 

1. Individual's second dose vaccination receipt with a second vaccination date 14 days or more prior. (This information has your name, date of birth, and vaccination information. Your health card number is not included in this document.)

2. A piece of government issued ID


Valid exemptions to our policy will include the following: 

1. Written proof of a medical reason, provided by a physician or registered nurse that sets out: (i) a documented medical reason for not being fully  vaccinated against COVID-19, and (ii) the effective time period for the medical reason; OR 

2. Those with an Ontario Human Rights Code exemption.

Those who have either of these valid exemptions, or who are  a) unvaccinated or b) choose not to disclose their status, will be asked to provide a successful negative COVID-19 test upon entry of the building. Those who enter the building daily must provide a negative test twice weekly. 

How to provide proof of vaccination 

Proof of Vaccination can be submitted by email to [email protected] or in person at reception during business hours, weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm. Proof of vaccination is a Government issued ID and the individual’s second dose vaccination receipt. 

Vaccination receipts can be downloaded at any time at OR you should have received via email.

Information relating to an individual’s proof of vaccination and/or the reason(s) for not receiving a COVID-19 vaccination will remain confidential and securely filed for the purposes of ensuring the safety of Muskoka Collective’s employees, members, guests, visitors and local communities in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. We will note your status within our secure member platform, which is only available to staff. We will not store or disclose this information publicly or within the Muskoka Collective community. 

 Our policy is in place for employees (all of whom are fully vaccinated), members, guests and visitors.

This COVID-19 policy is fluid and may change as the status of the pandemic changes and/or legislation or public health advice changes.

 Key Health & Safety Protocols while at Muskoka Collective

Sign In/Contact Tracing – All non-members and guests must continue to sign in at the front desk. This is mandatory for contact tracing and monitoring the number of people accessing the Muskoka Collective space. Date, time and email or phone number will be recorded and securely stored.  We have set up an electronic QR tracking version of this sign-in process and is available for download.  The electronic provider safeguards this private information and only shares such information with health authorities in the event of an outbreak.   

Self-screening – Before arriving at Muskoka Collective, please review the self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and use this provincial digital self-screening tool if in question of the protocols. Paper copies of self-screening are also posted at both entries into Muskoka Collective. If you feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home. If you are awaiting Covid-19 test results, please do not enter Muskoka Collective.

Masks – This is a reminder that the local and provincial masking mandate is still in effect in commercial buildings, workplaces and community event space settings. By order of the Medical Officer of Health (updated March 2021) facemasks  (that covers mouth, nose and chin) must be worn when entering Muskoka Collective and at all times in common areas until seated and safely distanced.

Dialogue About Vaccinations

Muskoka Collective strives to create spaces and places of safety, including physical, emotional and intellectual. We recognize that constructive dialogue about COVID-19, vaccination, and health measures have been among the new skills we’ve all been learning since 2020. We encourage everyone to discuss any concerns they might have regarding COVID-19 and feelings of personal safety with staff. We also encourage respect for the reasons that people may have chosen to not be vaccinated, while maintaining personal and collective levels of safety including the public health mandated measures of masking, physical distancing, and hand hygiene. 

Enacting this policy and operational process will be made possible by the willingness of any individuals who are vaccinated, not vaccinated, not fully vaccinated or not able to vaccinate to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status. 

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.